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I searched, but couldn't find an answer to this. Sorry if it is a silly question, but I'm new to keystroke programming. Using the HP42S manual as a guide I was playing with some simple programs. The end of each program is an "END" command. I can't see how to enter this. I assume that this separates the programs. What am I missing?

Also, it says that I should be able to "GTO . ." and go to the last unused line of program memory. When I do it on my WP34S it goes to the top line STEP 000. When I add a label to the first program I write it goes to line STEP 001. Is the first line actually STEP 000?

Thanks for any assistance.
Mike M.


Can you tell us what version you are using? You will find it in the X.FCN catalogue under V. I fear you are using a Version 2.x WP 34S which does not offer END.


Thanks Marcus. That must be the problem. I'm running 2.2 2738.
That was the latest that matched my overlay (I think).

I have some V3 overlays. I guess it's time to start peeling :)

For V2.2, what keeps the programs from running sequentially?
Mike M.


For V2.2, what keeps the programs from running sequentially?

What is your problem? I do not really understand.


Thank you everyone. Now I understand.
I'm sorry for my poor description of the problem.
I'm off to peel stickers!


END is a V3 feature. To keep programs separate in v2.2, use RTN.



I have some V3 overlays. I guess it's time to start peeling :)

Do it. V3 has a richer function set, a more user-friendly keyboard layout, and a much simpler and more rational approach to flash library organization.

Despite the build-up around the delicacy of the overlay placement operation, I found it pretty fast and effortless. It's time to upgrade!




On the HP-41C and HP-42S, each program has its own separate program memory space within program memory. On these machines pressing GTO.. packs existing program memory and creates a new empty space to insert a new program.

The WP34S works differently. On the WP34S all programs are located in one common memory space. The END instruction (added in V3.0 or newer) only serves as a marker (separator) for local label searches and for local variables. Also pressing GTO.. in PGM mode on the WP34S will move you to the start of program memory (Step 000). At this point you can just start keying in a new program and it will be inserted into the beginning of program memory. Refer to the Programming section (around P33) of the V30 Owner's Manual for more detailed information.


I thought packing was automatic on the 42S unlike the 41.

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If I remember correctly, packing occurs automatically if you enter a key step and memory is full. Packing also occurs when you use the GTO.. sequence in PGM Mode. See http://www.hpmuseum.org/prog/hp41prog.htm


GTO .. activate the packing on the 42S. That's what I remember. Okay. Thanks.


Steve, not quite correct. GTO .. should bring you to the end of program memory, directly on the END statement. When you start typing the new instruction will be added after the END and another END will be automatically inserted after it to ensure proper program termination.



Thank you for the clarification. I misunderstood the description of GTO .. On page 52 of the current WP34S Owners Manual. Everytime I use my WP34s I am still stunned at how much it can do.

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