going from 32SII to 48GX


I screwed up and left my 32SII lying on my dashboard for a weekend. The display is dead. At the replacement prices (on ebay) I figure it's just as well to go to the 48GX. What I'm wondering is: are there better 48GX's to get than others. From reading the info on the hpmuseum, they were manufactured in the US, Singapore, and other places. Are there problems associated with any of these models, (are any production runs better than any others?) Or are they all the same. Thanks for your help...I'm still grieving over the 32SII. It's a brown bezel, that I bought new when I lost my 11C. (Another heartbreak.)



I'e got some older 48SX machines- they have the old brown/blue colors instead of the new pastels.

For the 48GX, some of the really new ones have a much improved LCD, but at the expense of new plastic painted keytops..... so that's a tossup.


What Christof Said.

The new black style for 48GX displays (what you get with a 49G) seems significantly easier to read than the prior, but the earliest has the injection-molded keys, the later the paint-on (lots of posts seem to discuss this at great length). So it's a tossup.

HOWEVER, that assumes you can pick and choose. Probably you won't have an option if you go commercial, it'll be new stuff from China, black display & painted on keys, so you'll have to cruise http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/adforum.cgi or eBay if you want the earlier (anybody who *knows* where to get the earlier as new, please followup).


Sorry to hear of the demise of your 32Sii. While I don't want to take your real question about a 48GX off course, I have a question about the 32Sii.

What I was curious to know is this: Did the LCD cook from the heat? Is it completely black? Or is the screen blank and the unit just will not turn on? It might be repairable if the LCD is okay. Email me or post it as a follow-up here. Thanks.

Don't forget one option you have before jumping to a 48: Since the 32Sii was just discontinued by Hp in 2001, it should still be on support for the next 4 years. If you call Hp calc support and say the unit is dead, they should offer you a replacement unit for I think about $45 with your unit in trade. Unfortunately, it will be a black unit with the ugly color keys, but hey - it will fit in your pocket unlike a 48.

Let us know how it works out.

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