HP20B Development Kit



I tried to play with the original HP20B Development Kit released by Cyrille and didn't want to spend the money buying MS Visual Studio so I downloaded a free beta MS Visual Studio Pro 11 that didn't work for me. So the questions are:
1) Is there any way to compile the project cheaply?
2) Why HP didn't release the executable files along with the source? Is this due to royalties?



I use MS Visual C++ 2010 Express for building WP34s - it was free


Thank you Dominic. I think the emulator was later modified by the WP34S team to allow the Express edition to work.

Do you know if it's possible to load any generic code (bin file) on that emulator or it only works with the WP34S image?

Best regards.


Let me explain:

The SDK sources require the expensive IAR compiler for building the flash file and the somewhat less expensive Visual Studio to build the emulator. Visual C/C++ Express isn't sufficient because it lacks the MFC libraries the GUI is based on. This made me update the the emulator part so that it can be compiled separately from the rest of the software and encapsulated the GUI in a DLL. There are not many situations that require an update to this DLL (which still requires the paid version of Visual Studio). Most changes are to the calculator sources and these do not depend on features not available in the free Express edition. The flash file is completely built with the free GNU tools.

If you want to create your own software you better base it on the WP 34S sources.


Hi Marcus,

Understood, I appreciate your inputs.

Best regards.


If you can limit yourself to using just 32K of ROM you can use the IAR Kickstart development platform. It's free and works directly with the code supplied by HP.


Hi Katie,

I had downloaded IAR Kickstart few days ago (in fact I've used a similar version for TI MSP430 microcontroller) but I hadn't tried it with the HP SDK, I'll give it a shot soon.


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