Updated TI-58C Emulator by Pierre Houbert


Hi All,

I have been following the updates by Pierre Houbert for his fantastic TI-58C emulator. He has been updating this emulator frequently. My guess is that he is getting feedback and bug reports (and perhaps from folks who are part of this site's community). You can visit the impressive emulator download page by clicking here.

Have fun!


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Thank you for the interest you have shown in my emulator.

Yes I am updating frequently my emulator because many of you sends me emails about bugs or flaws, and this is how I can improve my program.
I also try to update the manual as often as possible.
So feel free to send me your comments.

Sorry but even with a skin "hp", the work is that of an TI (AOS) which does not work in RPN.

Thank you all again !



Sorry but even with a skin "hp", the work is that of an TI (AOS) which does not work in RPN.

Well Pierre, that's good so - in fact it is (and should be) a TI and not a HP! ;-)

Your TI-58C emulator is now really a great program, and you're fixing reported bugs very quickly.

Currently there's only one small glitch that annoys me a bit: after switching the window size with Alt-X, pressing the ENTER key (on the PC-keyboard) repeats this switching instead of mapping to the '=' calculator key, you have to click on '=' with the mouse to get the usual ENTER function back.



Hi Franz,

This small problem will be fixed in next release !



This small problem will be fixed in next release !

No reason at all for a "Sorry" - we have to say "Thanks" for your excellent emulator and your great support! :-)


One other short question, Pierre:

Is this file 'TIConv.ini' just for programming or files?

I've tried for example changing 'V32=X/T' to 'V32=XT' and had expected that I could enter just XT on the keyboard for this register swapping, but it didn't work.

Last year I've even patched your EXE a few times to change some of these keyboard shortcuts to abbreviations which are easier to type (like the above 'XT' example), but it was too much work to do this again and again for every new release.

So I was happy to see this translation file 'TIConv.ini', but it seems this is not intended for manual keyboard entry!?

Would be a nice feature though ... ;-)



Hi Franz,

The TIConv.ini file is managed by the emulator via ALT-W.

Only verbs with multiple representations according to the uses are listed with the conventions most frequently encountered.

Actually extend this functionality seems interesting.

I will investigate this possibility.

Thank for your idea.


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