New run of 15C LE


I just received my 15C LE backordered from HP Small and Medium Biz. This one is CNA21100XT, so they must have decided to roll on with the 15C LE. Makes a welcome addition to the product line for sure, right next to the 12C.

They are also now in stock at HP Home I noticed. With coupon code comes to $85 with free shipping. Finally an end to speculator pricing on these I hope!

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What is its limited edition number ?


Limited Edition Number on back is 18928. Is that indicative of a later production run?


The CNA number tells the build date. Originally there was speculation that only 10,000 would be built. With your LE number it looks like that would be 20,000 at least so far. When someone shows up with an LE number above 20,000 we can revise the production number estimate.


What firmware do you have?


Same firmware. It surprises me they didn't update it.


There is just no time left for those who were able to fix the issues.


The firmware version is far more relevant than the serial number in this case, as we all await fixes to the machine.


Got mine yesterday and the limited edition number is 20158. It's perfect. I actually did some hard grind statistics with it right out of the box. Glad to have a 15 in my hand again, finally. Well done hp, well done.


Very interesting. Now it appears that more than 20000 will be produced. It's still in stock at HP H&HO, so maybe the price gouging will subside a bit on that auction site.


When I saw that they were out, I set a daily reminder on my Palm Pilot to remind me to check the site, which I had bookmarked. Sure enough, one day, they were back in stock. I got mine with a coupon and free shipping. I own an original 15C, but I wanted one to "run around" with, as I am concerned about "losing" my original. I had an original in pristine condition in a burgundy leather case that I "lost" back in the late 1990s in MI, so I am cautious with my replacement.


What is its limited edition number ?

Limited edition as per Jerry Seinfeld - limited by the number of potential buyers.


... or "limited" (should I say "crippled"?) because of power management issues and PAUSE bug.


Exactly! Plus contradictory reference to the original self-tests on the which I'm also implying that the original 15C self-tests should have been made to work correctly on the 15C-LE, just as they do for the SAM7L HP 12C. It doesn't make much sense that these two SAM7L machines differ so markedly when the original self-tests are executed.

BTW, I've read no reports here on how well the original self-tests work on the new DM-15CC.


The keyboard test "ON" + "/" does work. You just have to be quick before it times out. I suppose it will do that on the original one too, just not after a few seconds, but after a few minutes instead.


But the 15C-LE back plate cites Error 9, in conjunction with ON plus X self-test. That self-test, and Error 9, are not supposed to be used or seen, according to HP's revised instruction in the manual to only use the new SAM7L version self-tests.


Indeed it will time out on all the original voyagers and at least some of the pioneers. See this thread from some time ago, among others discussing this.

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