HP 50g store/recall with only 2 keys



I upgraded from the HP 32Sii to the 50g, but I miss one feature: quick store/recall into single-letter variables.

100 STO M

On the 50g, this is more complicated:


Is there a way to accelerate this? The VAR menu is a start, but it displays only 6 variables.

For most quick calculations, I don't need long variable names, just the 26 single-letters.



Some time back (many, many years ago) when I first transitioned to the HP48 series from the HP41 I missed the STO xx functionality of the older calc. I ended up writing a set of SysRPL routines that emulated the HP41 down to the quick single key entry using the top two rows of keys (with the HP41 you could use the top two rows as single key replacements for 01, 02, 03..., 10). The code worked on both the S/X and G/X calculators but I never ported it to the 49g or 50g models.

The point I am getting at is that it should be possible for you to write a few short routines to emulate the functionality you want. I might tackle the job just for the fun of it if I can find the time but right now my day job has me mostly swamped.

If you want my original code I might be able to track it down. I still use that library on my 48 machines but finding the source could take me a little while.




You can use "soft menu"

I suppose you are in RPL mode

To create the first time

100 M STO

(no need of '' if M does not exist. Just

If M exist and you want to change the value :
110 Leftshift Softkey put the value in the selected softkey variable

To RCL the data,just clic the soft menu. If the variable is not visible then NXT (or PRV)

or just
ALPHA M (and ENTER if needed or operator)

(same that '' ALPHA M ENTER RCL in 2 keystroke)

To order your variables wich is very usefull , just do
choose the order you want with '' softkey
then ORDER (PRG MEM DIR menu)

same way to delete several vaiables with PURGE (PRG MEM menu)

VAR is interesting to see your variables

LeftShift NXT (without releasing LeftShift before clic NXT) is very very interesting to display the last menu you want from)and toogle between VAR and a MENU

hope this help

There is a lot of usefull keyboard shortcut on the 50, have a look in the manuel

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This is the approach that I usually use. But since the OP mentioned the "VAR" menu I thought that he was aware of it but was not satisfied with having only 6 variables showing at a time. I personally find that this (6 storage locations) is generally sufficient for most keyboard calculations. After about 6 items I lose track of what is where.

The other thing I will do for calculations that I repeat often but have no need to write a program for is to set up groups of named variables in sub-directories. That way I can use the names to keep track of what I am doing and still have one or two key access.



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I agree... I like the way the 48/50 does.

But if it's a problem one simple way is to use the user keys

To RCL just : ALPHA A (2 keys)

to store : Left USER A (3 keys)

And run once :
{ « 'A' STO » 11.0 « 'B' STO » 12.0 .... « 'Z' STO » 65.0 } STOKEYS

To be honest the RCL could be sometime 3 clic

A B + 'C' STO



It's possible but i don't like this

with the 'soft menu', it's only 5 clics ( if all variables are visibles)

CLIC_A CLIC_B + LEFT CLIC_C ( 5 clics)

to compare with my old Casio 602P

MR 0 1 + MR O 2 = Min 0 3 ( 11 clics)

And (i suppose) for the 32sii

RCL A RCL B + STO C (7 keys)

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The ability to fully reassign the keyboard in the 41/48/49/50 calculators is one of their greatest assets IMHO.








:D beautiful !

But i think the best is to do with the 48/50 logic ;)


I don't have the code right now to share, but here's how I handled this. I wrote two commands: STOn and RCLn and assigned them to the STO and RCL key positions. The programs let your store/recall values to variables called R0, R1, R2, .... For example 123 0 STOn will store 123 in R0. 0 RCLn will recall R0. The nice thing is that if level 1 doesn't contain an integer number then STOn and RCLn will execute STO and RCL instead. Thus they are completely compatible with STO and RCL so you can leave them assigned to the keys.



This seems one of the best solutions... I'll try to code the same thing myself! Thanks! :)

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