Who should pay for the shippings?



It's a long story, but ...

I bought a HP 32S 50th Anniv. Ltd. Ed. through ebay. The auction said it was in perfect working condition, but the 32S I received was NOT perfect. The keys on the rightmost column didn't work. So I emailed the seller and returned the calculator.

The seller said: Maybe something happened in transit. As I guaranteed it to work I am going to see how to refund your money via PaypaI or Ebay Payments. I will email you again when I complete the transaction.

After a week, I received a notification email which said the seller refunded, but only the payment for the calculator. I believe the sellar is honest. In this case which one should pay for the shippings, the seller or me?

I made a bid and lost $30.00 + 1080 yen (I live in Japan). What a nice experience!



Shipping costs of mail order outfits are usually passed on to the consumer. Don't know if the same applies to auctions.


There are no strict rules. The rules are the one mentioned on the auction listing and what the seller and the buyer agree when finalizing the transaction.

As a general principle the seller pays the ebay fees and the buyer the shipping costs. The goods are sent when payment is received.

The general principle for return of goods is also that the buyer pays the shipping costs, but other agreements can be taken with the seller, especially when the shipping costs are an important percentage of the value of the item itself. The fact that he refunded you is certainly a sign of honesty.


Seems to me that If the seller can't provide a functional replacement it would be up to him to refund the complete cost to the buyer. If shipping caused the problem, then the shipping company would be responsible to the shipper as their customer.




Right Arm!

The seller may seem honest, but people being what they are (I don't think the language I want to use would be welcome here!), are screwed or are going to screw you. Period. Once in a while, and among proffesionals, things will work out. How nice when it does.


I have something I'd like to say here but I'm sure that it would be worse that what you'd say (with your language) so I'll refrain.

Your comment is HOGWASH! You incinuation that he may "seem" honest is a suggestion that he might not be honest. I don't have a clue about whom we are talking about but if he was dishonest, he wouldn't have even sent back ANY refund.

Why would you presume that someone is dishonest, if they don't refund shipping?

The only time that shipping should be expected is if the seller says shipping will be refunded or if the problem is the seller's fault. All other shipping charges should be the responsibility of the buyer. Otherwise, everyone on ebay would simply be "buying to test" and then returning the items. That does not mean someone is dishonest simply because they don't offer a refund.


Apparently, there was no shipping insurance, so the carrier can not be held liable, even if it was damaged in transit.

If it was not in the condition stated when it left the seller, or if it was damaged because it was poorly packed, the seller should pay all costs - You should be out zero.

If it left the seller in the condition stated in the description (seems like you agree it did), and he packed it well, he has fulfilled his obligation, and should not be liable for return shipping.


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