Got my DM-15CC


I received my DM-15CC yesterday - what a wonderful little machine!! Seems to work fine and keys are nice. Here's a photo of the 4 versions of the 15C that I now have: DM-15CC

Also alongside 15C-LE: 15CC-15CLE

I have also moved my online museum to one site for easy navigation: Collection

Cheers, Keith

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Where can you buy these DM-15CCs?


The website is - not sure when the next batch is being released. I am now looking forward to the SM-12CC and 16CC versions. Cheers, Keith


I have also uploaded a close up of the DM-15CC: 15CC


Looks like with its dot-matrix LCD, a repurposing of this baby could allow the keys on the top row to support an 8-key soft-key nice would that be!? Perhaps a "WP-15S" ??



The WP 13S has been mentioned :-)

The device is quite memory limited -- 32kb of flash and 8kb of persistent RAM. The latter is a lot larger than the 30b's 2kb of persistent RAM, however, the 30b also has 4kb of volatile RAM which we also use almost all of.

There is supposed to be padding for a large serial flash device on the PCB (I've not opened mine to check). If so, we'd have to implement most functionality as user code in that and only keep the basic floating point operations and the instruction interpreter in the on board flash.

Eric's DIY5 hardware seems like a better bet.

- Pauli


Please enlighten . What are these calculators you speak of? are they anything like the 41-CL and WP-34S hybrids?

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In case you have missed it:

More information at


Thanks for filling me in. Pretty impressive. Curious though. How is the unit flashed and as I'm watching the vid, it truly seems credit-card sized. Wouldn't that make it very hard to push the correct keys?

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It's the same length as a credit card, about 3mm wider and is 7mm thick. The keys do have to be used quite slowly as there is some variation in responsiveness, but surprisingly the size and spacing of them doesn't seem to be a problem in practice.

It's the first credit card sized scientific I've had since I dropped my much-lamented Casio FX98 and broke the solar cell, in around 1985, and possibly the first ever with RPN?


and possibly the first ever with RPN?

Have you heard of David Jones's uCalc prototype?



Have you heard of David Jones's uCalc prototype?

I do remember reading about it at the time, and hoping it would come to fruition. However, I wasn't counting it since it's never been on sale. I'm amazed how quickly Michael Steinmann got his to market, although it may have been longer in the planning than I realise.

The next question is whether to order the mk2 with aluminium case when it comes available!

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