OT: cursor randomly jumping aroud on laptop


Has anyone else been plagued by thhis sort of bizarre behavior of a lpatom ebefor? It is driving me crazy.


Yes ... many years ago I was using a wireless mouse and it did that! That's why I used corded mice for many years ... until recently.



Internal mouse? I have had that problem with internal mice going bad. But I would say that in my case it was more of a drift than jumping around. Would work fine with an external mouse.

If it is being caused by accidental contact some drivers have settings to correct for this (to some extent). Also if you have a laptop with both a touchpad and a trackpoint such as some Dell's and HP's (and probably others) try disabling one of the two devices and see if that helps.



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lately, and only sometimes, my wireless mouse will move up & down (away/toward) achingly slow but side to side it will work fine. banging it on the desk seems to help.


I guess you are placing your palms on the touch pad. Look for an option to (temporarily) suppress touch pad input while typing.


Yes, but mine is just thumbs on touchpad when typing :-)


Historically a mouse sends 3 bytes to the computer, 1) a signed value of how much it has moved in X 2) a signed value of how much it has moved in Y 3) 8 flags for whether any button is pushed or not. There is no handshaking or header information to indicate the start of a 3 byte packet. If the computer and mouse get out of sync then the cursor will randomly jump all over the screen. The Chips & Technologies BIOS was the first one I'm aware of to address this by counting the time between each byte and trying to re-sync. I still have a computer with Windows XP and an old mouse that occasionally does that, but it almost immediately re-syncs, all you see is that the mouse makes a sudden jump up into the corner of the screen.

It's possible you are seeing something related to that, and it could be between the touchpad and the mouse emulator circuitry where it was not properly dealt with.

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