The new line-up


Anyone have a update on the supposed new line-up of hp calculators, or is this just hot air??? I've had a dig around the net, not even a hint. Scotty.


Don't know.

HP are normally very quiet before the launch of calculators. Could this be so they can pull the plug at the last second?


Maybe they are waiting for any sign from London's HPCC conference.

Let's take a breath and wait... What else?


Are you familiar with the Casio fx-7000G?


You have some inside knowledge Steve, tell me more.


<<You have some inside knowledge Steve, tell me more.>>

The statement was a reflection of my dissapointment with the recent offerings from HP: The 49 and particularly the 30S and 6S. Not that I don't appreciate the tremendous effort and knowledge that went into the 49, but I found the manner of it's attempted positioning in the marketplace
offensive. It's pretty obvious to me that HP is not thinking of calculators in the same way they used to. Not that I am totally pessimistic about the future, in fact I tend to be too optimistic most of the time. we'll have to see what comes out of HP in the future. I mentioned the fx-7000G because that was the worlds first graphing calculator, introduced in Japan in 1985 and the U.S. in 1986. A tremendous step forward at the time, but reissued today under the HP name, it would be a tremendous step backward, which would be in keeping with the recent trend at HP, IMO.


I don't understand your connection with a outdated Casio and what HP might release in the coming future. I may of missed a past conversation where there was a link, you will need to bring me up to speed on that one. It would seem rather retrogressive to step sideways into someone else's technology when you have your own. Repackaging would properly suffice for years to come if a Casio fx-7000g was going to be the alternative. Features such as RPN can be easily inculded these days as soft ware options. Whom the manufacture is will be irrelevant, provided the design parameters stike a cord with us the devoted consumer. Regards Scotty (OZ)



I didn't mean literally that I believed HP would re-badge the 7000G and introduce it as their own 'new' product. But when you compare, say, the 32SII with the 30S, which was introduced something like 10 years later, clearly, this is a big step backward. My comment on the 7000G was a facetious attempt to carry this annoying trend to its logical conclusion. I apologize for any misunderstanding about that.


steve; you didn't carry that annoying trend far enough. how about "the new hp re-introduces the biocalculator, mark one" a.k.a. fingers. if they need a sample to reverse engineer, i'll show them one of mine.


LOL. Good one, db. After all, "turn about is fair play".


Sorry Steve I've been a bit slow on the uptake, I see your point. From my experience decision makers are light years apart from our type of logic and communication is a alien concept. Visionareies and pioneers are very rare commodities in the corporate world. Regards Scotty


Hi, Steve;

do you believe (or know something about) that HP is going to offer personal computing devices as those? Well, I always saw both HP75 and HP71 as signs of a "marketing preview" for this kind of equipment. I also "feel" as if HP always offers some "powerful add-on's" that differentiate their products. I should not write this down, but it has been to me as a CISC-like design: "we offer these tools, even if you will seldom use them; but you'll pay for them". I do not see any other harm on this EXCEPT for final prices. I am completely aware of quality, design cost, patents involved, the brand itself. But I know many people that prefer to choose another cheaper, discarding, "easier to learn" (that is a lot different than "easy to use") calculator than to accept they cannot buy an HP and try to use it.

I'd like to know how to operate an HP71B, but I do not like BASIC language. I hope that, if HP goes for other market slices, that it does not forget us and keep RPN as an alternative, like the HP49G and both 17/19 BII.

Once again, time will tell. And pulling the plug, as Tom mentioned, reminds me the Xpander project. I'd rather not mentioning it...


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