94F Wand


I was playing (can we call it that) with my 94F today and was wondering about the BarCode Wand. I looked around and found an HP wand that looks like it might be a match for the 94. But I have never seen a wand for the 94 so don't know what they look like.

The Wand (HP) looks almost identical to the 75C/D wand except it doesn't have the switch. It also has a matching 5 pin connector, instead of the smaller 3 pin connector. There are no part numbers on the wand. Anyone know what the 94 wand looks like? Might this be the right wand?

I plugged it in and turned on the 94 and it didn't light up. I know I have to write a program to use it but don't know if it should light up absent of the program. Anyone know?


Yes, this is the right wand (I own a NIB 94F, too;-)
It has a spiral cord, and the connector has a full metal jacket...

And yes, the wand doesn't seem to light up when connected only.
AFAIR the technical manuals are on the Museum CD's.


BTW: The Zenwand for the HP-71 is a very nice thing.
It just works out of the box.
Too bad the 94F isn't as easy to use.


I have the technical manuals. I noticed today that the Cold and Warm defaults are for power to the wand port to be off.

I'm going to try and write a test program for the 94 this weekend and try out the wand.

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