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I've been happily using SamBa V2.10 to flash the excellent WP 34S. I have a Windows XP laptop with a real serial port, and I have no trouble with the process. So I thought I'd try using MySamBa instead, but I haven't yet managed to get it to work.

This is what I am trying.

On the WP 34S:

1. Press and hold ON and STO twice, to save the current state.

2. Press and hold ON and D (once) to enter Debug mode.

3. Press and hold ON and S (twice) to enter SamBa mode.

At this point, the display goes blank.

4. Press ON once.

The display remains blank.

5. Plug the cable (already connected to the computer's serial port) into the back of the calculator.

6. On the laptop, start up MySamba, and select the file that I want to send.

7. Click on "Send File".

The MySamba window buttons grey out for a few seconds, and then return. The calculator turns back on, with "Restored" in the display.

8. I turn off the calculator.

9. I press the RESET button on the cable.

10. I turn the calculator back on, and disconnect the cable.

"Restored" is once again back in the calculator's display.

11. I execute VERS on the calculator.

It's still the old version of the firmware!

I've tried slight variations on this, but without success. I know that MySamba can see the calculator: if I don't plug it in, I get an error message that doesn't appear when it is plugged in. What can I possibly be doing wrong? Or have I missed the point completely?

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can offer.

Nigel (UK)


I think you need a step 3b) reset.
At least that is what I have done differently and had succes.


On second thoughts, if you really did need that reset, you should get an error message from MySamba without it. Which I assume you don't get. It should tell you how long it took to transfer the file (arround 25 seconds). Does it do that?


The "reset" in Step 3b did it! No, I wasn't getting an error message without it. The MySamBa window went grey for about 5 seconds only, but since I didn't know how long it was supposed to take (only that it would be faster than before) this wasn't obviously a problem.

Thank you for your help and your amazingly fast response!

Nigel (UK)


Just to make sure: you're sending the *new* firmware? Maybe you might want to download the newest version again to be sure! ;-)


I did check this! Still, thank you for the suggestion! Problem now fixed (see above).

Nigel (UK)


The time to reflash with MySamba is something around 25 seconds. I had to implement a trick to make MySamba work with images that are shorter than the 128KB ROM space available. This may lead to a situation where the calculator isn't flashed but SAM-BA boot mode is reset which leads to a calculator with the old firmware.

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