The Timex(R) Test


Hello all.

If you're like me, you remember reading the horror stories in the HP Digests of the Woodstocks, 35s, 45s, 80s that survived the most horrid catastrophes. Well, now we've got a new era of post Series 10C calcs. I'd like to take my 32S-II, 42S, 33S. 35S, 50G out on the road with me.

I am very cautious and baby my stuff with kid gloves and don't roughhouse my stuff. I may, in rare times, due to some clumsiness or tired hands, accidentally drop my calc from kitchen-table heights.

So, what are your thoughts about the durability of the 35, 67, Woodstocks, Series E, 41CV, Series 10C as well as the 32S-II, 42S, 33S, 35S and 50G?

Thanks for your insights


Don't drop anything except a voyager, and a cheap 12c at that :-)



Okie doke! Now that I have validation for being overprotective and babying my stuff, I say, "PTOOEY" to my siblings and dad that think I'm a fanatic with OCD.

Thanks for the reassurance and validation!


Just use the 35S. It will probably survive a few drops and if it doesn't they are easy to replace. From all the bad-mouthing that particular unit gets on this forum you could probably get a replacement by simply begging a little--I'm sure there are a few here that have set their 35S's aside permanently <g>.




My everyday 15c LE seems very robust.


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Some years ago, I dropped my 48G from my hand, from a sitting position. I immediately picked it up, turned it on, and it worked, but now there is a line of dead pixels across the screen, looking like a thin eraser went across it. To make it display properly, now I have to put one of those thicker rubber bands around the top. By feel I knew the 48G series to be fragile. This made me very careful with my 48G+, as well as all other calculators, cell phones, or any electronics.

Now eons ago, I used to accidentally drop my 34C from even standing heights, but besides almost invisible nicks, chips, or scratches, that one kept working until it much later died of old age; I surmise of the joints and connections, not the few drops to the floor.


I'll be honest with you (and the rest of the gang here). I love the 35S.

It's got the classic HP look

It's got the signature key design--very reminiscent of the Woodstocks, Spices and even the Voyager series.

As much as I love my 32S-II, the 35S picks up where that one leaves off.

It operates and feels like I'm using an HP-41.

Although it may have some algorithm and accuracy bugs, I haven't run into them yet.

C'mon folks! Three cheers for the 35S.

I'm reminded of Marx Brothers & Margaret DuMont

Mrs. Teasdale: Three cheers for Captain Spaulding! Three cheers for Captain Spaulding! Three cheers for Captain Spaulding!

Harpo brings out three chairs.

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I'm sure I've dropped my HP50 and it was fine. I think it caused the battery case to pop off and the batteries flew out, but that was the only consequence.

I dropped the 33s and it bent the aluminum front. :( To be fair, I didn't just drop it on normal ground, but a concrete floor.

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