Keyboard fix for the HP 15C LE?


Are there instructions on this site somewhere for fixing the keyboard issue with the 15C Limited Edition? HP sent me a new calculator no questions asked (fedex next day delivery) and didn't ask for the old one back. I'd kind of like to fix the first one. I got to the point where I had to remove the heat stakes and decided I should ask for advice.



Hp forum archive 20 - 9 october 2011, thread started by "Djj".


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Message 1 - Teardown

Message 19 - Re-assembly



Thank you - I was pretty excited about the 15c coming back - and for all the people who would rather have the 42s, my guess is that the 15c LE project manager sold this as an experiment in manufacturing - we can make money with small batch manufacturing of limited demand products. If they make 10x the profit on small batches, then they only need 1/10th of the market demand for the project to make sense. If they're up to 20,000 LEs and that's the equivalent of 200,000 of their latest models (profit wise) then a 42s LE probably won't be far behind.

Maybe they'll bring back 8-tracks.


Djj has the knack.

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