[WP34S] Mac OS Flashing Tool Won't Flash


This is one for Pascal.

Even though I have no trouble communicating back and forth between my calc and Mac OS X emulator, especially since finding and installing the most up-to-date FTDI driver for Mac, I can't seem to flash using the new flashing tool.

I am preparing the calc for flashing as I do with MySamba--turn ON with EXIT, hold ERASE, RESET, ON, release ERASE, RESET again, ON--but the flashing tool tells me it can't communicate with the calc after I press Send, even though I have chosen the correct port from the list presented.

I know this isn't a dead battery issue, since I can simply go into Windows and flash with MySamba just fine.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a different way to prep the calc for flashing? I am pretty sure this is not a hardware issue, as I am up and running perfectly in serial communication between emulator and calc. In particular the SENDA-RECV combo, which is what I use pretty well exclusively right now, works just fine both ways.

I have a 30b, the FTDI usb-serial converter sold by Eric Rechlin, up-to-date FTDI drivers installed, and am trying to flash with the most recent calc.bin file (2706) from the Sourceforge SVN. I am running Lion 10.7.3 on an old iMac with plenty of RAM.

Many thanks in advance.



The new flashing tool is new and in beta status. It works fine on my Mac running Lion 10.7.3 but as not been tested on many machines with many adapters.

If you can communicate from the iMac using SEND/RECV, this is strange. Can you try again with the debug option checked?

Also, you can try to unplug/plug the USB adapter (once) or do reset/ON the WP34s.

Of course, you need to be sure that your XP/Fusion is not running and using the port at the same time.

Another thing: can you download the Windows version of WP34sFlash and try it on the same (virtual) machine you are running MySamba?

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I've done some extra tests and whilst the exact same code seems to work 100% of the time from a PC, it has trouble initializing the communication from a Mac. Works sometimes but not always.

I don't know why yet but I'll investigate.

In the meantime, unplugging/replugging the USB adapter works for me.

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