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I don't know who is responsible for the console version 'wp34s.exe' (Marcus or Pauli?), but I have a small request:

Wouldn't it be possible to make the keybord usage assignable (as for the GUI version)?

I really like this console version (because you see so much infos at the same time), but what keeps me from using it is this terrible keyboard assignment QWERT... :-(

I guess it won't be that much programming work to allow a simple conversion or translation table (just a text file), where the user could define his own PC-key for every wp34s-key.

(one possibility would also be to just use the key definitions of the *.skin file of the GUI version)


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This would be me. I'm the principle user of the console version. I thought I was the only user of it :-) The eventual idea is that the cross platform emulators will have a better debug capability than the console version but that is in the future.

It would be possible to support alternate keyboard layouts to the console mode. Not sure when I'll get around to implementing it, I'm quite used to the current layout and the appear of the console mode is quite limited I suspect.

- Pauli


Not sure when I'll get around to implementing it

Ok, then I'll try to change this keyboard layout by myself on assembly level, i.e. directly in wp34s.exe.

I hope I'll find the code with this keyboard table - but fortunately I have a good debugger ... ;-)



It would be easier to install Visual C++ Express and recompile the project.


It would be easier to install Visual C++ Express and recompile the project.

Well, that a much too big package for me, and my old MSVC6 doesn't work for these sources.

Unfortunately I just found that my debugger (OllyDbg) doesn't help:

I don't know what kind of strange compiles your EXEs (wp34s, wp34sgui) are, but OllyDbg doesn't even show any 'referenced strings' or 'external function calls', all those windows are completely empty. I've never seen this before in any other program. :o



Ask Microsoft for Details. The console version for Windows can equally well be compiled with GCC (MinGW) with the Makefile.


We've avoided using the standard library which might explain the lack of externals -- everything is self contained.

No idea what referenced strings would be.

- Pauli

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