Emu48 communicaton on Win7


I have Emu48 and a HP48 and have communicated between them for years using a USB-Serial cable. I recently got Win7 Home Premium 64bit and while Emu48 recognises the COM2 port it cannot communicate with the HP48 and simply times out after several retries. This occurs Emu48->HP48 and HP48->Emu48. However, Kermit 95 still communicates fine with the HP48 using the same port. I am using it as a work around.

Anyone have similar experience or had it work?

Any suggestions?



Could not confirm. Just tested Emu48 v1.51 and v1.52beta1 on Win7 Ultimate x64 with SP1.

The HP48SX was connected over an onboard COM1 port. I made the data transfer over KERMIT in binary and ASCII mode of a UserRPL program in both directions. The receiver was always in Server mode and the transmitter used the SEND command.

It's sometimes reported here, that Win7 has problems updating the WP-34S using a USB-Serial converter with a Prolific chip?



It's sometimes reported here, that Win7 has problems updating the WP-34S using a USB-Serial converter with a Prolific chip


Since 4/5 years I use a couple of USB/RS232 converters using Prolific chipsets and they always performed flawlessly (WinXP, Win7, linux) in at least a dozen different computers (laptops, desktops, servers).

Oh, and they helped me update my WP-34S, too... ;)



What driver were you using for your Prolific USB to Serial cable? Maybe I have a driver problem (although Kermit 95 works through my cable to the HP48GX)


I've read that Prolific chips were cloned so original drivers are able to discern them and are not working correctly with these clones. My adapters are quite old, I think they use original chips.
Anyway this is the driver version on my Win7 box: Prolific-USB-to-serial comm port (20/12/2007)


Just make a retry on the same computer, but this time with an older Prolific USB-Serial adapter at COM3.

Before I updated to the lastest driver package v1.5.0 from http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/downloads.asp?id=31 with WDF WHQL Driver: v3.4.25.218.

Just worked successful like before.


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