What's wrong with this picture?


Is it me, or is there something "unusual" about the photo in this ad?

E-bay ad for 32S

Maybe it is a "rare" version, eh?



maybe I'm wrong, but this is the very first version of the discontinued HP32SII, named HP32S. This one cannot handle algebraic expressions, and (if I am not wrong again) the HP32SII can. It's indeed a rare calculator.

OR there is something in the photo I did not catch: something not related to the calculator itself?



This is rare indeed. A 32sII with the correct key overlay and the wrong number up top. This would be quite rare indeed.



Ooops... Shame on me! Now I "see" what you mean.

I tripped in my own tongue...


I just wanted to clear up an oft-repeated misunderstanding about the 32SII and its algebraic capabilities.

The 32SII (and 32S) are purely RPN machines, and cannot be used as algebraic calculators. This is in contrast to the 17BII and 19BII, which have mode selections for either algebraic or RPN entry.

Having said that, there is one area where the 32SII can handle algebraic expressions .... the Equation Solver. This calculator has the ability to store a list of equations and expressions (no = sign) that are written in equation (i.e., algebraic) form. You can then evaluate the equation or expression to determine the answer. You just can't calculate that way with direct entry of a one-off calculation.

I hope this helps. Of course, most of us on this forum would probably agree that the lack of algebraic input on the 32SII is not much of an oversight, eh?

- Ed


The photo must have been touched up. Enlarging it shows possible pixel movement in the area where the "II" part of the logo should be for this calculator.

Also, look at the other photo in the auction. It is of an original 32S, with a dirty keyboard and old style bezel. No rarity here.

On a similar note, I asked myself the same question "What's wrong with this picture?" when I saw this auction last week. Now I'm thinking whoever buys this 32S calc, they should get the manual from this buyer:



It's just a 32SII, isn't it? I can't tell if the label has a "II" or not. I wasn't sure how different a 32S was until I looked at the auction Randy pointed to. I wonder if the guy just overlooked the "II" or if he's trying (not very hard!) to pull a fast one?

A couple months ago, didn't somebody say they got a 48G (or GX) that seemed to be a 48S (or SX) with the G keyboard bezel? I looked for that message later and couldn't find it. Sure sounded to me like somebody salvaged a bezel from a broken 48G and used it to up the price on a 48S.

I took a chance a couple weeks ago and did a "BIN" for a 12C for $15.99. The picture wasn't very clear and the guy sent it (in its slipcase) in a USPS Priority Mail flat rat envelope with no extra protection, but it arrived OK and is in very good condition, made in 1992 in Brazil (this is my first HP made in Brazil).


FWIW, here's what the seller said when I pointed this out to him:

"I apologize for the mix-up. I used images from another's auction. I will take more detailed pictures when I get back to work tomorrow and send them on. The calculator is a 32s and is in excellent condition. Thanks, Chris"

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