"Desktop Computer in one unit, 5" display" on front "HP 9000 226"

on rear: "Sn# 2010A01601" "Contains 09836-69511 processor" "HP onsite 30 day warranty by HP desktop computer division 40 begining on 12-31-81"

Lee Baily - High Memory Systems, Inc. 732.651.9700


The question is: :What do I have here?" "Is it a proto type, or what?"


Prototypes are typically marked PROTO or have odd serial numbers or some other clue. The description sounds like a normal (non-prototype) 9000 226 computer. It came later than the desktop units shown on this site.

I assume the subject line refers the HP-IB interface on the back of the unit?


It sounds to me like you have a 9826 desktop computer. We sold those in the early-mid 80's. It has a 6 1/2" diagonal display, tape drive(?) and 4 I/O slots in the back. It ran a stand alone Basic or Pascal operating system.

The circuit board labeled 09836-96511 is the CPU card which also went inside the 9836 which was similar except it had a 12" display which sat on top of the base unit. The processor for these machines was a Motorola 68000 if I remember correctly.

Hope that helps!


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