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Hey there! I just got my HP-41 Math/Stat Module. Quite a powerful set of programs! This really shows how powerful the 41 is. The Alpha prompts, indirect addressing functionality as well as module library & expansion possibilities were what made the 41 quite ahead of its time! Gotta say though, the 41 ran rings around the TI-59 AND this same little 41 is STILL ahead of its time.


You need a 41cl!

Then run rings around everything else!



Hello Geoff,

Please remind me: I have a CV, 2431S, repaired by

How best might I get that turned into a CL?



Visit the 41CL home page for more information. I think that FixThatCalc is going to be offering an upgrade service for those not wanting to attempt their own installation.


Just noticed the new name SY-41CL, I like it!


Although, I already have an HP-41CV I'm very well pleased with, the CL does sound intriguing. In an instant, I would go for a CL but, since I'm on a Mac, running Tiger (OS/X 10.4.11), I wonder if I'll be able to add any of the files on that website from my Mac into this 41-CL.

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Unless you are running a PowerPC Mac you might try a virtual machine environment like Parallels and execute Windows XP inside a virtual machine.


I highly recommend the Advantage ROM for the 41C if you do not already have one. It has machine-language coded routines for SOLVE and INTEGRATE, that would leave, in the dust, similar routines in the MATH module! Not to mention the matrix routines and other goodies.


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And even better, the ¨Modified¨ Advantage ROM, a.k.a. the Advanced Matrix Pac - available as ROM image at TOS, and of course also on the CL Module Library.

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