HP 41 / 71 SWAP Disks


What ever happened to these? I checked here in the Museum and on TOS but could not find them, nor any trace.

Yes, I found he users library (or what was left of it) but no
Swap Disks.

Are these gone for good?



I just downloaded them yesterday at : http:://ftp.hpmuseum.org/lif
using wget utility, so I hope they don't disappear since yesterday !!

(I used 'wget -r -np http://ftp.hpmuseum.org/lif' )


Edited: 15 Mar 2012, 2:53 p.m.


in Windows Explorer just type: ftp://ftp.hpmuseum.org/



The swap disks are also available from two other sites:

http://www.mit.jyu.fi/ftp/hpil/ (the disappeared ftp://ftp.math.jyu.fi/pub/hpil/)





Thanks for the pointer to the ftp sites guys.


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