Yes, it's here! and it is not a 35!... nor the granma´!


It is, however, the most beautiful calculator I have ever seen in terms of visual appeal. It is simply a 32s-50 years LE. I won it a few weeks ago on eBay and turned it out it is almost brand new. It is not brand new because it was sometime taken out of the box, but other than that it is the real thing. I received it yesterday, and as soon as it was out of the box it caught my eyes: the mix of the gold logo with the crisp flat display makes a wonderful combination. I don´t know what technology is used in the display, but for a single line it is way better than my dead 11c, my new 15cLE, my dead 32sii and my brand new Indonesian-32sii.
It is made in the US in 1989, so it is perhaps one of the last few things that were made by american hands, with the quality that that means, or at least that would be expected.

I know there are much more powerful calcs out there or even in my own desk, but I love the feeling of this little beast. I´m in love with it!

On the other hand, the keys have a "strange" look, like the mold they were made in was not so smooth. When looking against light, the shining is not that uniform, *reflecting* in several directions. I compared it with my HP27s made in the US also, and this one also have the same finish, although as it has been extensively used previously (I assume), the keys have smoothed a bit. None of my HP42s or 32sii have the same *rough* finish. Do you have any idea why is this finish present in apparently the US made pioneer series?


All I can say is that none of my Pioneer keyboards are the same, neither keys nor tactile feedback. There must have been an incredible tolerance in the manufactoring process and/or many changes over the time.

I bought myself a 20S and a 32SII when they where new, both Singapore models. The former has stiff and rough keys, the latter gives a nearly 'mushy' (but good) feedback and has glossy, smooth keytops.

I also know at least three completely different sleeves.

Congrats for finding an Anniversary Edition model! You probably noticed it has more memory than the regular model.


never realized the anniversary edition had more memory - do tell more!


Sorry, that was just hearsay, which I took for granted. Maybe an owner can tell.


I don´t know how to review the size of the memory. I only tried the self-test, but no info regarding that is displayed. If you know the procedure I could get it.


The MEM menu should give you the number of available bytes, which is the total user memory after clearing registers and program space.


From the MEM function, it gives 390 (32s-50 years LE). My HP 32sii gives 384. In the description in this museum of the (ordinary) 32s it says 260, but only as max number of program steps. In the hp(-)collection site it is listed the RAM as 512. So, if the 390 my calc gives is compared with the 384 of my 32sii and the value listed in this musem, the actual memory in that edtion could be bigger than that of the ordinary unit, as you said.
If anybody has a better description/knowledge of this, we could get a more clear insight of the issue.

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