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Hello all. Yes, about my newly acquired HP-67, again.

While my 67 is PROPERLY charging (the batteries are in the calc this time), I tried to run a card through the reader. When I inserted the card, I heard the motor so, it's sensing the card BUT, it's not grabbing the card and pulling it through. After which, the display reads 'Error.' So, I gently retract the partially inserted card (or is that not good).

Anyway, any thoughts on the card reader and why, the motor cannot pull the card through?


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Card readers disintegrate partly over time: The rubber roller turns into goo. There are repair instructions in several old threads here and you can fetch the required parts (O-rings or silicone tubing) from eBay sellers if you don't find them in a shop.

The charger might have harmed the electronics in the card reader.


Well, it sounds like my HP's card reader can be repaired. Right? Perhaps the FixThatCalc folks can do the surgery. So, even though I hear the motor, perhaps either I burnt out the card reader circuity from my initial charging mishap, the parts may have disintegrated and/or the rollers turned to goo. Right?

In any case, is my 67 fixable?



It's most probably the roller. The repair can be done without asking Randy if you aren't born with two left thumbs. ;-)


Thanks for the reassurance but, in my 46 years, I've not been very coordinated with my hands, especially with little parts and mechanics.

But, now that I know what I'm up against and the reassurance that my HP is curable, I think for the card reader to truly work after it's fixed, I should let the more skilled have a go at it.


Hi Matt,

I've rebuilt my 67 card reader as well as several card readers for the 41. With instructions (and photos) found online, I don't think you'll have any trouble doing it. I used o-rings bought from the online auction site and they've always worked for me.



the card reader is always powered from the battery, even when a charger is connected. As a result, you cannot read a card if the batteries are weak.
I hope this helps!
Joel Setton

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