ODS Data utilities (HP-75)


I just googled this ROM module, since I have one in my HP75C and have no idea what it does. I found a reference to an ebay auction for a "rare" module, with a price of $389. That got my pulse going for a few seconds, before I realized that this was (probably) an auction from a well-known ebay seller of HP gear, whose items are always "rare", and almost always $389.

Just after that, I found a reference to an auction that had ended at $14.50 :-)


The one that went for $14.50 is probably being resold for $389 :)


Apparently not that rare as I have one and I know of at least one other. You can dump the keywords using the "help" lex or you will also find them in the LEX list I compiled found at Paul's Webspace in the 75lex.zip file.

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