Successful running EmuXY under Wine 1.4


A never ending story comes to a hopefully successful end. The WineHQ group published the new major release 1.4.

For some calculator emulations there's no Linux alternative to my Emu series Emu28, Emu42, Emu48 and Emu71. So one of the best choices to run them under Linux is using WineHQ. But some versions of Wine have had problems with the LCD output.

  • v0.9.12 2005-12-23 : I found a bugzilla entry that Emu48 has problems with the display output. After some analysing it was clear that the bug is somewhere in the BitBlt() implementation of Wine, Emu48+ using StretchBlt() was working
  • v1.1.30 : Emu28 and Emu42 got a workarounds using StretchBlt() instead of BitBlt()
  • v1.1.31 2009-11-03 : workaround doesn't work any more, also the StretchBlt() implementation got this display showing bug
  • v1.3.30 2011-10-10 : report that Emu42 with StretchBlt() workaround works again
  • v1.4 2012-03-10 : got a report that Emu42 v1.15beta1 and Emu48 v1.52beta1 without the StretchBlt() workaround works also

So if you want to run one of the emulators above on your Linux system, update your distribution to Wine 1.4 please.


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