Re: Are 17B/19B calculators being discontinued?


That's what I'm finding too. It's been removed from HP's consumers sales website. I called HP sales and they were useless. However, the tech support group was quite candid in saying they have heard rumors but no official word and that they usually don't get the word from 'the powers that be' until a new product is a couple days from launch. I'd welcome an 19BIII, but the industry is probably pushing people (especially with CPQ and HWP merger) to focus on handhelds/palmtops with software add-ins. However, I'd rather not have to pay $450 for a decent hand-held and then $80 for financial software. I bought a TI BAII Plus as a replacement for my lost HP 19BII, but it's not as friendly to work with although it has newer functionality. I also don't get how I bought my 19BII in 1989 for $120 and when they were selling new now, they are $160-180. Doesn't compute ;-)


I was at Fry's in Wilsonville, OR several evenings ago. There were three HP-17Bii's left, marked down $10 to $69.99 for "Clearance". There were about six HP-19Bii's available (I didn't check the price). None of them look as nicely-made as my built-in-America HP-28C (1987) and built-in-Singapore HP-17Bii (1992).

For the curious: No more 32Sii's (I bought mine there several months ago), nine HP-49G, ten HP-48GX, ten HP-20, a few HP-10B, plenty of HP-39G.

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