running hp200lx solver on kindle fire


Has anyone installed the HP200LX Solver application on the Kindle Fire via DOSBOX?


I know someone here was going to give it a try. Not sure if Ken got it working or not. See following forum thread:

HP-200 Solver

Like I mention in that thread, I have it running on a Acer A500 Tablet that's running Honeycomb. It should work on the Fire if you can either sideload it or use the Amazon Android Market. You'll need a soft keyboard that lets you use the pc function keys.

Maybe Ken will lt us know if he was successful or not.



I have it working on my ipod touch using iDOS that was available twice in Apple's app store, but they got rid of it.

However, it's nearly impossible to use on such a tiny screen.


Hi Katie,

I also got it running on an iTouch, but I needed better glasses and smaller fingers to really use it. I even put a CPM-80 emulation on it and it ran fine.

Glad I got a larger tablet to play with these things..



Googling "Kindle Fire Dosbox" comes up with the following link:

DOSBox surprisingly works well on the Kindle Fire

as well as other links.

If you can get DosBox running, then HP-200lx solver will run.


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