Pioneer serie


If you have dumped the rom, you could have now an emulator of the HP42S, HP27S and HP17BII on android.

See on the android market.



How would you dump the rom?


cf. Christoph Giesselink's emu42


A collection of tools for uploading the necessary ROM images very quickly comparing to other methods. Necessary hardware: The calculator with the ROM you want and a HP48GX/G+ for a Pioneer or a HP48G/GX/G+ for a Clamshell image upload as receiver. The necessary free size of memory on the HP48 depends on the size of the ROM image you want to upload. Further details inside.


Okay, so that'll work with the models that have an IR emitter. He mentions that it'll do the 32sii, but lower down, that's not mentioned.


What about running the HP28s ROM? This works under emu42.



It is not exactly the same hardware so it will come later ...


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