"Prompt with an input string" Glitich in 50G


Hello all,

I'm goin' out of my ever lovin mind! Just trying the example on page 21-21 of the 50G manual I get an "INPUT Error: Bad Argument Value" every time I run the example just the way it's written in the book. Either I'm missing a step or there's something else wrong in my settings, mode or flags or something else. The example code on page 21-21 is « “Enter a: “ {“\RT\ :a: “ {2 0} V } INPUT OBJ-> » where \RT\ is the carriage return symbol (right-shift + decimal point keystroke).

Please help! Part of why I'm so confused is that there are no directories, tables (like there were in the HP-48G manuals) of each and every function's syntax, command structure & arguments.

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Matt, you will need The HP 50g/49g+/48gII Advanced User's Reference. You can download it (great for searching) or get a printed copy from the link above.

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Thanks! That helped out perfectly!

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