50G SD Card port problem


Hello all.

Please help!! I keep trying to put an SD Card into the slot (yes, face down) but, the the card never locks in place. It feels like the spring keeps the card from locking/latching into place. I need to hold the card in place. But that shouldn't be the case.

Is there something wrong with my 50G or am I missing something?


Possibly. Did you insert the SD card a little past the border of the HP 50g? You may need to use your fingernails to press it in until the latch locks on.

If not, then I think there could be a defect with that HP 50g.


Now that I tried your tip and pushed the SD card in with my thumbnail, the question is:

Is this light 'shoving' the card in so it goes flush natural or am I causing more damage?


On my 50g, I have to use my nail to push the card about 0.5mm into the case before it latches and comes back out to be almost flush. I've got four 50g calcs in use, and they're all the same, so I think yours is OK.


I only have two of 'em but they both behave this way, so I concur that this is normal.


I think that as long as it clicks in place, it should be fine. On mine, once I do that, it's virtually flush with the case.


Do you have any digital cameras that use SD cards? On all of mine, you have to insert the SD card further in than flush. As noted by some others, that shouldn't hurt anything. In general, the feel should be spring-loaded, and you may have to push it in farther than you think. I've never damaged anything. (the spring should get harder and harder!)

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Ya know, with all my Palm Pilot experience, I should be accustomed to this quirk of SD card ports. But, since I only had Palm PDAs, I thought the spring behaviour was just due to the way Palm designed their devices. Well, now I can get the idea that from my Palm to my HP, that quirk is normal. It's ironic too that I own both Palm PDAs and HP cals since HP bought out Palm. Pretty funny.

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