Editable PDF Docs for HP-41 Program Documentation?


Hi All,

Anyone knows how to create scans of HP-41 programming documentation that you can type in information?? Recently I have used PDF files (from uncle Sam out of all parties) that I can type in information in various text boxes.



The most common way is with "Adobe Acrobat". That's the paid program, not the free "Adobe Reader" or "Acrobat Reader". I haven't found any Open Source or Free Software programs that can do it, though I haven't looked lately.


I see ... so that's what the IRS was using!



A quick search for "PDF form" will bring you several links to various free/on-line tools that enable you to convert PDF files to editable PDF forms if that's what you're looking for.

For example: www.pdfescape.com ( & "How to" video).


I think that with Acrobat you can also make pdf forms INTO which you can type things without needing the full-blown Acrobat. You can only "fill in the blanks" though.

I use WordPerfect, the latest version of which (X5) professes to be able to read in pdf files and convert them to editable files (which could then be exported back to pdf). A couple of tries at this have met with variable success (or lack thereof). I don't know if the latest version of Word makes similar claims.


Like this Programming Pad?

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Yes! Your file does the job, especially with Foxit Reader where I can edit the file and save it.




It will be nice if you can produce another version that has multiple pages with space to discuss the method used, an instruction/example page, and so on. If you can do that, it will be super!!



Why not use Open Office, import your scans, write the text, and save the file as pdf ?


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