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Hi, wondering if someone can offer advice. I am having a problem transferring programs from the calculator to the PC (emulator). I can transfer from the PC to wp34s, but the other way around I get an "I/O" error.
I am running ver 2602 with crystal installed.
1. With program in RAM on calc, press RECV on emulator
2. Press SENDP on calc
3. After maybe 2-3 seconds I get "I/O Error" on both.
I must admit this is the first time transferring to the PC. What (stupid?) step am I omitting?. Any help appreciated.
Thanks John


I can only assume that you have installed the crystal but not activated it. If you get a message when pressing ON+C, the crystal is not active. Press ON+C twice in a row without releasing ON/EXIT. After a second or so the message "Ok" should appear. There is a flash image with the name calc_xtal.bin (or calc_xtal_full.bin, including the library) that does not need activation of the crystal. The normal image needs the ON+C sequence.


Thanks Marcus. The crystal is definitely activated, as if I press On+C sequence again, no message. Also transfers from the PC to calc are fine.
I will try re-flashing tonight and try again.
Regards John


You can also try with the new emulator. It should not be different but who knows?

I'll add a "Serial comm debug" function one day.


John, this is no solution, merely commiseration.

I suffered similar unidirectional errors with v. 2.2 when running the emulator on XP in VMWare Fusion on a MacBook. Drove me nuts.

No such problems in a similar setup on my iMac, or on an ancient doorstop of a Compaq Presario running XP.

Since upgrading all things to v. 3, the problem on the MacBook has vanished.

Go figure. Must be some gremlin thing.

Sorry I can't be more help.



That was probably the open_port() bug - was fixed in V3 and prop'd to the V2.2 branch, but after the 1990 patched build was released.


Well thanks for all your replies. Last night I re-flashed with the latest version, and all seems OK.

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