Digitized Fonts Of HP7470a?


Anybody here who has digitized the charset of the HP7470A pen plotter? I could use it.



Do you mean scan in (to a .pdf or .jpg) the plotted character images?

I don't think I have access to the 7470, but do have 7475 and 7550.



IIRC the charset is shown in the plotter manual but is too small for digitizing it. My aim is a plotter simulation as close as possible to the real HP7470A. The simulators I currently know do not respect slant angles for labels.

With my question here I just want to avoid searching the real plotter, find pens which draw, program a 'plot charset in sufficent size to digitize it', and digitize it for future use in simulators.




Do you have a picture showing the characters? A link? I believe at the time the 7470A was introduced, plotters had a set of available characters that might be chosen from the main program or equipment. Is that correct? If so, chances are it is not hard to create a TTF set for them.


Luiz (Brazil)


My goal is not a TTF, just vectors/matrix would do.



If you would like some plotted out, drop me an email.



Thank you for your offer, got it digitized by private mail. :)


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