OT: "The Big Bang Theory" actress visits the Datamath Calculator Museum


Texas Instruments (TI) announced actress, scientist and author Mayim Bialik as brand ambassador and spokeswoman for TI-Nspire™ CX math and science learning technology. TI and Bialik hope to inspire teens, our future generation of scientists and mathematicians, to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in their studies and future careers.

The partnership kicked off on March 2, 2012 with Bialik attending TI's 24th Annual T³™ International Conference in Chicago, Ill., where nearly 2,000 educators from around the world gathered to learn innovative and effective ways to teach with technology and improve student success in math and science.

The Datamath Calculator Museum's show-cased the history of TI calculators from the Datamath to the TI-Nspire.

Guess what Mayim Bialik picked from the more than 80 artifacts...

Link to Youtube Video.

Enjoy the video.



I remember this actress from when she was "Blossom" in the TV series of the same name, back in the 1980's or 90's I think. My daughter loved it. It looks like she went on to college and got a PhD.

Another actress who became a mathematician is Danica Mckellar who played Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years TV series. She has written three books aimed at helping middle school girls to improve their understanding of math, and they are very good. I used one of her books to supplement my 8th grade math class when I taught at a girl's school a few years ago.

Mike M., some "left coast crazies" do come around!


Was that you Joerg in the video at the table with the vintage TI machines????




Yes - that's me ;-))



Wow Joerg!! What a privilege to be in the presence of a talented actress (and a Phd in neurology). She is in one of my favorite TV shows.

Of course she has also the privilege of being in your presence ... Mr DataMath!!!




And I own since Saturday an autographed TI-81 ;-))




Sweet ;-)


Way cool Joerg!!!!




Very nice :-)

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