HP82143A printer font question



I want to improve the character output of the printer simulation inside ILPer.

Therefore I typed in the HP41 program at page 23 of the "82143A Printer Owner's Handbook" to get the character list at page 37. I was specially interested into the handling of character 13 (CR) and 10 (LF). Both are valid codes representing a printable character.

My test equipment

  • HP41CX
  • HP41 HP-IL MODULE HP82160A (Rev. Printer 2E / Mass 1H)
  • JFG's Pilbox
  • ILper v1.41 (with printer accessory ID = 46)

As result I recognized that the character 10 (LF) was translated to character 0 (watched in the Printer Window also in the Scope Window as DAB 00 in the listener answer). Next, the character 13 (CR) was translated to character 124 (watched in the Printer Window also in the Scope Window as DAB 7C in the listener answer).

So my question: How can I get the angle character 13 in the output at page 37?

From my understanding the translation could depend on the Printer ROM Rev. of the HP82160A module or on the printer accessory ID 46 returned by ILper.

What is the original accessory ID of the HP82143A printer?

Any other ideas?



I am not sure that the HP82143A is an HP-IL printer. It works without the HP-IL module. HP82162A is the HP-IL printer.


Many TNX, that was the missing link.


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