Re: more HMS, aTIME, 34s display, 41c bugs?


Yes, the 34S is rounding to four places before doing anything with the time. Yes, this is different to the 41c + time module. Likewise, alphaTIME on the 34S doesn't care about display mode. Now, the 34S could be made more like the 41c if this is desirable. Is it?

I would very much like to have this feature/option

I'm unsure about using the display mode -- what happens in FIX 3

FIX 3 is just like FIX 4 and FIX 1 is just like FIX 2. The 41C doesn't seem to care what numbers are ATIME to alpha.

12.7282 ATIME
12:72:82 PM

Apparently all it checks for is > 99.9999

ADATE also follows the FIX setting. I would like to see the 34s behave like the 41c. This feature could also be used for prompting. eg

This could be used to prompt for data 1 of 25, 2 of 25, 3 of 25 etc. Just one example. I say relax the checking and let the user handle it. Also it isn't desirable to have your program bombing on something like this. Just my opinion.

Having a great time with this 34S. Awesome job you guys are doing.


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