DeskJet 820 Cse for windows


While using my Desk Jet 820 Cse HP printer for windows the 2 cartriges have suddently SLAMED UP against the left side of the printer (as one faces the printer) and the printer will nolonger print. There is no paper jam, the cartriges were installed 3 days ago and everything had been fine until now. Just before this happened there was a paper jam with an envelope but this seemingly pulled out with no trouble. I can find no troubleshooting for this kind of problem in my Users Guide. Does any one have a solution? I know this is an old printer but it has been an excellent one up until now. I have a new computer and will buy a new printer for it but there is so much on this computer that I need to print and reprint that I would like to continue the use of this DeskJet Cse 820. Help! and Thank you!

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