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Maybe this has come up before, but I'm trying to teach my kids the fundamentals of stack architecture and RPN. Does anyone know of a good (working)shareware program or applet that has a graphic interface that shows what happens as you work? I've found only one (can't remember the website.. "coco-something"...) but I wasn't very impressed with it.


Get a 9100!


There is a real sophisticated working graphic demo of UPN that runs nice on my HP200LX. See



I downloaded the RPN demo. It runs fine in a DOS box under Win95. It looks great!


I should have changed the subject as eye catcher for others.



One thing I have noticed about this program which is a little distracting for an HP user: after entering a number, or I should say after typing the digits and not wanting to hit enter, it is necessary to press "escape" to exit number entry mode before executing a function. Also, the program periodically beeps on the original PC speaker, which makes me jump every time it happens, because I am unaccustomed to hearing it!

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