Color of HP 2225 Printers ??


Can anyone tell me if printers like the HP2225 were ever offered in any color other than "computer beige?" I've been searching for one in black or dark gray, but the only color I ever seem to see is the light beige...???


I've got the HPIB version that was rebuilt by a third party to meet Tempest (I think) RFI specs. The working parts are mounted in a heavy metal case which is dark gray or black. Maybe you saw one of these before. Access to the carriage is through a hinged door with heavy RFI gaskets and spring loaded catches. At several places where there is a seam in the enclosure, there is a strip of tape with a pentagon symbol printed on it crossing the seam; this appears to be like a calibration sticker, intended to break if the seam is opened.


Way back when, I was a student training at the Veterans Administration Hospital (V.A.) in Kansas City, Missouri. In about 1985, all of the ventilators were replaced with new models that had Thinkjet printers (IB models, probably to record all the parameters. These were the usual (light beige) color, though built in as part of the system.

The ink cartridges were notorious for quitting working before they were empty. It made for a nice, endless source of ink for my HP-71B/Thinkjet combo, as a moist kleenex was all that was needed to make them work fine again....



Another idea occurred to me: are you possibly thinking of the HP320 or 340 inkjet (but not Thinkjet) printers? I have a 340, it is black. As I understand it, HP made some inkjets in two versions: Centronics interface or Mac serial interface, which were called DeskJets or DeskWriters (does any of this sound right?) I got the 340 because it works as a "Win printer*" through a Centronics port as it comes but for a few dollars there is a convertor (might just be a cable) that plugs into the Centronics connector and has a cable that plugs into a Mac serial port, where it works as a "Mac printer*" (I guess)(*not a PostScript printer - not even an Ascii printer - depends on a driver running on the host to print anything).


Ellis, was that directed to me or Steve? Mine were definitely the Thinkjets: I even came across a small Canon desktop calculator that uses the old Thinkjet cartridge! ( I know that Canon made printers that used the same cartridge, but the calculator was a fun find!)

I used the 300 series (uses the 500 series black and color cartridges) to test the refills I did for my kids grade school.... at least 10 years after the first HP thermal ink-jet, which I do believe was the Thinkjet.

The Thinkjet came in A,B,C,and D models, I believe. I know the B was HP-IL, the C was Centronics. Perhaps the A was HP-IB, and I believe the D was serial. Or something like that. Some plugged in, and some had an external wall wort, and others had the battery packs and used the old two prong calculator charger. What a great little printer at the time. I wrote many letters, and especially liked the LEX files for the HP-71 that printed signs and even stretched letters so you had to look at a shallow angle to read what was on the page!

It's amazing that they still make the ink cartridges (or did until recently) for that series. Again, there were so many other devices (medical, word processors, etc.) that used that cartridge.

Now HP seems to come out with a new series every few months. I like my HP 2000C printer as the ink bladders are so easy to refill.



I know of _5_ interface versions of the 2225 Thinkjet. 'A' is HPIB. 'B' is HPIL (and battery-powered). 'C' is standard Centronics parallel. 'D' is RS232 serial. And 'P' is 'portable parellel' -- a cut down Centronics interface on a DA15 connector, and a battery pack. The A, C, D models all run off an internal mains transformer. The battery-operated versions are significantly different inside -- they use lower-voltage stepper motors, etc so as to be able to run easily off the 7.2V NiCd battery pack.
Incidentally the -A model is strange inside. The CPU in the Thinkjet has an internal HPIL port (which is used as you'd expecrt on the 'B' model). The 'A' model uses it too. There's an HPIB - HPIL converter board at the back (micocontroller, 1LB3 chip, etc) which is then connected to the HPIL port on the CPU. The C, D, P models are a lot more conventional with the interface coverter hung off the CPU's 'bus'. Incidentally, the CPU uses a Saturn bus (!) to communicate with an external RAM chip and a ROM chip that contains the font patterns.
One last thing. Can you still get the cartridges for these printers?


A company called MEI, who have sent me a catalog for many years and are now online, still have one listed:

I think this must be the one made for special inkjet paper because the "plain paper" version usually spelled that out.

The 2225A interface sounds like the 3421A, if you have the HPIB option. The "A" printer is usually cheap, nobody seems to want them - they would be a good source for the HPIL chip.


You could get _one_ 1LB3 from a 2225A (the one on the converter board) -- there isn't one on the main board because the HPIL port is built into the CPU. Also, there are no pulse transformers in this printer -- the 2-device 'loop' doesn't need them. The 1LB3 pins are directly connectrd to those on the CPU.
It should be possible to conver a 2225A to a mains-powered 2225B (HPIL) by removing the HPIB converter board and adding a homebrew PCB containing the pulse transformer and the rest of the HPIL interface components. I do know that the CPU (which contains the printe control firmware too) is the same in the -A and -B versions.
Actually, the -A is the only Thinkjet I've not managed to find yet. I can't see why people don't want it -- HPIB is a very pleasant and useful interface....
Thinking about the 3421 for a momnet, the HPIB interface for that unit does contain the pulse transformer (as does the main board) -- it's a genuine (but short) HPIL loop between the 2. There's a changeover swtich on the interface PCB which switches the HPIL connector on the mainboard between the external HPIL connector and the HPIL interface on the HPIB board. I have one of these units (with the HPIB interface option) which I normally use with an HPIL controller.


When I found that HPIB Thinkjets were plentiful was when I was searching Ebay for a serial version. At that time, the serial and parallel ones drew lots of bidders, the HPIL ones, what few I saw, would draw bidders, but the HPIB ones, of which many were being listed, drew few or no bidders. This might have been a temporary condition. I figured there were a lot of HPIB units sold originally - they were the only version I saw in my job - but in general, few people have a place to connect them.


Sorry, I meant to be responding to the original post again. I got the notion that maybe Steve thought he had seen a dark colored Thinkjet once!

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