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Walter/Marcus/Pauii/Neil/et al., please forgive me if this has been mentioned.

It pertains to the behaviour of the "EXIT" key.

Unshifted, the behaviour is correct.

h-shifted turns the calc off (correct).

g-shifted does not "SHOW", but rather displays "Reg X" (incorrect, but correct f-shifted behaviour)

f-shifted should display Reg X, but does something else I can't make out.

I see this with a recent ref lashing to 2630.



This isn't a bug, it is a conscious decision we came to recently. We moved the register browser from f-shift ON to g-shift ON. The reason is that the SHOW function was available elsewhere so there didn't seem much point "wasting" a keyboard position for a second version of this.

The label for f-shift ON is a chunky yellow arrow pointing upwards which isn't a good reminder for a register browser. On the other hand g-shift ON is SHOW which is much better -- REGS would be better again but we're not changing the overlay.

If you want SHOW as it was before look at the f-shift / g-shift x<>y instead. In double precision and integer modes, this key was used to examine X fully not SHOW.

- Pauli


The little arrow does what it always should have done: It enters lower case alpha mode. It used to just switch lower/upper case modes when alpha was active, now it has gained some more magic power by switching to alpha in the same go.


I concur. Let me add, however, it isn't decided yet by the Wizengamot whether that added magic is good or evil. Personally, I prefer entering alpha mode through the gate labeled 'alpha' exclusively instead of using back doors ;-)


I get it!

It SHOWs something different this time.

I was used to the different SHOW function in 2.2. Used it a lot to check the higher digits in my program outputs.



With the advent of double precision mode I felt the need to display all 34 digits which required a second key. I decided to use the windowing functions <( and )> which were otherwise unused in real mode. For a while <( and SHOW were just synonymous and )> was used to show the remaining digits for double precision numbers. With this arrangement, SHOW was a superfluous duplication and we decided to put the slightly misplaced register browser function there.

I'm happy with the changes.


In this arrangement, how does one see the complete integer part of a fraction which does not fit in the display (cf. the example with 2247 361/1024 on p.31 of the manual)?

(Edit: I realized that f[<] will do it, I just didn't recognize the digits at first)

Edited: 7 Mar 2012, 2:56 p.m.


FYI, g [>] will do it as well :-)

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