WP 34S bug report


Pressing h CAT works fine with no program entered. Once I enter a little test program (just a few lines are enough) pressing h CAT results in the calculator to crash. Only the reset but helps.
I am currently running revison 2495.



That should definitely not happen. Some questions:

Does your program in RAM show an END statement? It should but there might be situations where the statement gets lost.

Does your program in RAM have a long label of the form LBL'xyz'?

Did you load the library onto your calculator?

Edit: Your version is a bit old and I remember to have fixed an issue in the label browser not too recently. Please update your device!

Edited: 3 Mar 2012, 2:44 p.m.


I flashed the calculator with the "_full" image, so I do have the libraries.
I reduced the program to a very short:


RCL 00


So the end satemant is there. The problem occurs every time I try.


It must be the old firmware. If you put a LBL'ABC' in the first step it will work. Please update your device!


Yes, it works in revison 2628. Sorry for not updating before posting this.


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