HP-33s bugs--Please clarify


I'm a wee bit unclear what the lock-up issue is with the 33S. Please fill me in and what I can do to avoid/prevent it. Thanks


The blank screen during a running program which is not interruptible is caused by simply using an equation as a prompt to stop the program (i.e. without following the equation immediately by a PSE instruction) and wait for you to press R/S to proceed. See
this thread for details.


It would be interesting to know if, since the 32SII has the EQN function and can operate as a prompt, would I still need to put [PSE] or [R/S] after an [EQN] instruction on an HP-32S II program? Or, is the bug only relevant to the 33S?

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Or, is the bug only relevant to the 33S?
... and the 35s. The 32SII works fine.

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