HP41CV batteries


Hi, I recently acquired a HP41CV (too expensive when I was younger) in very good condition, but no batteries. Question: Can one use 4x N Alkaline's (1.5Vx4)without damaging the calculator. The original NiCad's were 1.2V. In other words, 4.8V versus 6V.
I have searched the forum but have not come across a direct answer (as yet, probably due to my impatience!)I would be grateful for any help.
Thanks John


Hi John,

no Problem, the calculator is designed for alkalines! The rechargeable NiCd Batteries were a (rather rare) option.



and in the case of mine, it shows the low-battery annunciator when the alkalines get down to 1.2V.


Hi Maximilian/Garth, thanks for the quick response.
Regards John

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