HP-35s f/g keys Inquiry


Hello all.

As a proud owner on an HP-35s, I've a question. Although the f/g functions are above and on the key's underside, what's the purpose of the blue/g key's right-arrow nomenclature if the blue function is on the key's underside? Shouldn't the arrows point up, down instead of left/right?


Shouldn't the arrows point up, down instead of left/right?

That just makes way too much sense...




Yup, :) well, maybe I we should be the ones to design HP calcs from now on.


Look at the 10bII+. ;-)



Works for me :).

You know, until you posted I never even noticed that difference between the 10bii and 10bii+ (for those of you that don't have one the 10bii doesn't have the arrows).




Not having one but seeing the OfficeDepot online pic, why would the blue/yellow highlight be on the underside of the prefix keys and not on top (or am I not looking at a good 10bii pic)?


That's the old 10bII. This one here is my baby. :-)

(hotlinked, so hopefully never gets replaced with something. . . 8-|)

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You must be one proud papa! Beautiful design for an HP calc! Reminds me of the 27S. Now this makes sense! Nice keyboard layout. HP should've kept this as the template for designing the 35s and the 33s! Although
I truly like the 35s' frame, these key nomenclatures are how the keyboard should've looked while keeping the Series E key style.

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I'd love to see this form factor used for an entry level RPN scientific...


"entry level RPN scientific.."



It is a very good looking calculator, the best design since a long time, it is a successful evolution from the Pioneers. Pity it is for the bean counters (do they really need the hyperbolic functions?) and not for the scientists/engineers. I would really like to see a Programmable, RPN (meaning this also with the big enter key and upward arrow), Scientific calculator in that body!


I agree! It's that 'ENTER^' key design which truly made an HP calculator what it's meant to be! Ever since I've had a 15C with its vertical ENTER (sans arrow), I've been longing for the old days!

**BUT, don't get me wrong--I love my 15C for all that it is. I just wish that HP would revert to its older horizontal ENTER^ moniker with its double-width button size.

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That is a beautiful machine (the equal sign not withstanding). Such a do-it-all (finance and basic scientific) in RPN version would make a fine carry-everywhere machine. The days of carrying both a 12C and a 15C (or, sometimes, a 17bii with trigonometric expansions on the Solver) would be over for me.

Can' have it all, right?



Can' have it all, right?



Right you are. But then you also get that interesting battery cover. Nope. No clamshell shall win my heart.

10Bii+ RPN design with you shall prefer (failed attempt to yoda speak)




I lucked out with the newer type of battery cover (not the side latch) that is entirely flat and on the underside of the calculator, not on the side. I have no issues with it at all. Although not as rugged as the one on the voyagers, but it is a pretty decent design.

What I like about the 19BII Clamshell is it looks classy and professional with no need for a separate case in addition to being a very capable RPN/ALG scientific programmable (well... sort of with formulae only) and financial calculator. It has an enviable scientific feature set. As a Canadian homeowner, I have often had to use the Canadian mortgage calculator - a bit of a pain to remember how to account for the CAD mortgage factor with the 12C, even when programmed. The SOLVER in the 19BII is very handy.


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