Success: Flashing a 30b on Windows 7/x64



After reading about all the problems flashing the WP34s firmware and expecting the worst, I just wanted to report success:

- Windows 7/64 Bit, FTDI USB->Serial-converter with latest beta-drivers
- MySamba from the 34s sourceforge-page, cable from Gene
- right click on mysamba.exe -> Win XP SP2 compatiblity-mode (as suggested somewhere here)
- selected calc_full.bin, COM3
- erased calculator
- clicked "Send File"

This worked the first time and took about 1 minute from start to finish (flashing took 24 seconds).

If anybody needs a calculator flashed in Germany or even Hamburg, feel free to contact me.

Now I'm off reading the 34s manual :-).

Edited: 1 Mar 2012, 3:52 a.m.


Welcome to the 34S secret society.


- Pauli


Now I'm off reading the 34s manual :-)

Enjoy :-) and don't forget reporting whatever you find suboptimal. There were quite some updates recently.


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