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There is a calculator up for auction that i don't think anyone here would be interested in buying but it sure looks to have been influenced by the Voyager series in looks and the 41 series in capability. The introduction date of '83 is about right for those too.
It's here.

I never saw one before but i bet the keys don't click and the batteries don't last 20 years. I'm practically sure there's no flying goose when it's running a program. There's no enter key either. Still; "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".


And to think, from TI, HP's competitor! Yup, that certainly is intriguing.


The Galaxy series of calculators started with the TI-66 programmable, the one and only true turing complete programmable in this series. Have a look at its wonderful 80th design.


The TI67 is a nice calculator, certainly not with the same quality as the Voyager ones but very interesting from a functional standpoint.
The keyboard is a polymer one, doesn't click, but is quite reliable if not as comfortable as a HP one.
Battery last for years and it is faster than HP equivalent. Was much cheaper also.
Apparently it has been marketed mainly in Europe. Not that common nevertheless.
All in all a very nice low cost calculator.



Looking the keys over, I see a shifted key "Zero". What does this do? Is it a function or....?

On the surface, seems unusual.




'Zero' is an equation solver. Ask for a min and max values and search a root of a function in between.


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