Emu28 v1.24 available


Emu28 v1.24 is available at http://hp.giesselink.com/ now.


  • single instance mode
  • ~ 5% faster emulation speed because binary distribution is compiled with a more recent compiler (VS2005)
  • see display content now also with a KML script with no "Color" definitions in the "Lcd" section
  • some fixes of minor bugs




That is good news. As a user of the HP28s ROM I was wondering whether any of these changes are relevant/possible for emu42s?

On a tangental note, it would be interesting to see how usable the emulated HP28 series calculators would be on a smaller tablet device as it would not have the issue of the floppy double hinge when using it handheld. Perhaps the forthcoming Windows 8 tablets would be the easiest direct port, though I guess ARM devices would need recompilation. However, having tried a simulated HP15c on a Samsung Galaxy Note in landscape orientation, with some success, Android versions of the HP28 emulators would be very appealing.



That is good news. As a user of the HP28s ROM I was wondering whether any of these changes are relevant/possible for emu42s?

The forthcoming version of Emu42 will also have the "single instance mode". I assume that the emulation speed will also grow, because it's planned to use the same VS2005 compiler for the binary distribution file.

Bigger change, Emu42 will get the display engine from Emu28 allowing realistic backgrounds for the dot matrix display part. Emu42PCC will stay on the old display implementation because of performance reasons. I'm not sure if the published Emu42 package will contain modified KML scripts/pictures for this new feature. I made to examples for myself (HP17BII and HP28S script) to test the implementation.

Finally Emu42 will get more or less the same "some fixes of minor bugs". :)

I'm not planning to do any work for new mobile platforms at the moment. Apps for Mobile platforms are a very quickly changing market with a very short half-life of applications. I know this from the MS Mobile platforms (PPC2000, PPC2002, PPC2003, PPC2003SE, WM5, WM6) and each later model has more bugs in the same API commands like the earlier one (watch for "workaround for..." in the Emu42PPC and Emu48PPC sources). My projects are non commercial and I don't want to waste my time on software which have a life time of 5 years or less and then you get no hardware any more.



Thanks for the advanced information on Emu42. I look forward to downloading the new version.


This is the closest I can find to a simulated HP-28S on a tablet (or phone) device. Unfortunately,so far, it does not support landscape mode for the keyboard.


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