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Hi, I am running WP34s 3.0 2584,and flashed with "calc_full.bin". Not sure if I am doing something incorrectly or if this is a bug, but if I try and delete a program in the library using CLP, the message "Sure?" appears but the calculator freezes and can only be restored with a reset. After reset, all programs in library are deleted. I have noticed this with a previous version as well (2582???)
Thanks John


You have pressed Y, I assume?!


Hi Alexander, yes but calculator appears to have already frozen and does not accept input. In fact I have pressed all the keys with no effect. I have successfully accomplished this with earlier revisions. Really a nice feature.
Thanks John


I've just tried it in the emulator (CLP for a program in the library), and in the emulator it works without problems.


I'm seeing this too. One for Marcus.

- Pauli


Hi Pauli, strange. Now that the flash is cleared, if I input two sample programs and store them in flash, and then delete either or both, it works. Something obviously to do with "calc_full.bin".
Thanks for all the replies.
Regards John


It's fixed now. It was an alignment issue. The ARM processor does not like 32 bit access on a 16 bit boundary. :-(

The latest release has a minor keyboard update: SHOW now starts the register browser. Use <( and )> to view all digits of a number. The latter work even in the browser. )> shows the last 18 digits of a double precision number. In single precision mode it's just the same as <(.

SHOW in program mode to display the CRC is gone for now. Maybe it will come back later when the op-codes have settled a little more.

The yellow arrow (f EXIT) goes directly to lower case alpha mode. The key used to start the register browser but SHOW seems to be a better choice for this.


Thanks Marcus

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