Can anyone tell me whether I can get my faithful HP41C serviced?
The electronics are OK but it needs work done to the case internally. The small posts into which the screws holding the case together are embedded have cracked. This causes a bad connection between the main body and the LCD causing spurious readouts.
My heart does not allow me to bin this lifetime aid!
Thanks in advance for any advice!
Roger Hubbert


I have used Duco Cement, like the old airplane glue, with pretty good success on that plastic. It might depend on how many pieces your posts that the screws go into are broken into.

There are discussions here in the archives on procedures for performing this repair.

In general, the HP-41C series are pretty rugged and repairable. Good luck.


When you glue them, wrap a piece of thin wire around the post. Thin so it won't get in the way. Get some glue over it. This will prevent future splitting.

There seems to be enough clearance on the ones at the display end. The others are a bit more problem if you have a CPU board there, as it is fairly tight fit on the board.


DO NOT use a glue to fix the posts. It WILL eventually fail again.

My recomendation is to use a plastic welding solvent sold at most hobby shops. It works by melting the plastic and letting it fuse back together, just like a metal weld. The ones I use contain the solvent methylene chloride (dichloro-methane).

Use a small brush to work the solvent into the cracked post (wet it pretty good) and then clamp it (or wrap with THIN wire, if you must). Let it set for at least 24 hours (dont believe the bottle instructions that say use sparingly and sets in 10 minutes).

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