Classic label reproductions?



I got a few HP classic calculators. All suffering "minor" issues like leaks etc. but that d... back label. And a thorough clean doesn't hurt either...

Read in the archives that some one sells reproductions labels. Yeah not 100 identical but I'd rather have a clean overhauled calculator with an unoriginal label than an "original condition" corroding away slowly but surely. But I'm having quite difficulty finding out where to get them. Neither google or the big e-fleamarket seems to be of any help.

Especially I'm looking for HP 35 and HP 80 labels.

Can someone help?


Ben Ong has made 65/67 reproductions. I've never seen a 35 or others, but we should coerce him into doing those.

Is it okay to put email addresses in these responesses?



Lets hope he read this thread then if I'm not able to contact him ;)


I've bought 35, 45, 55, 65, 67 and 80 labels from him before. His email is


Thanks a lot!

I'll try to contact him and see what he has to offer :)

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